After years of enjoying canal holidays on hire boats, we wanted a boat of our own.  

 This site tells the story of the building of the boat.

Felonious Mongoose

This site is now static - but may provide an introduction to the boat.

There are a few notes on the construction of the boat and some more on why we chose  Braidbar to build her.


My main web interest is now building a guide - particularly covering safe moorings - on the Birmingham Canal Navigations.  

Why the name?

"Felonious Mongoose was the unstable alter-ego of Corin Johnston, truly the finest thing that Colebrook Housing Society had to offer!"  (a quote from Corin's own web site)

According to his brother, the name was a googlewhack.

However as there are now two sites   -  this one and graphic

as well as references to this boat on the web, it is a googlewhack. no longer.

We lost Corin on August 4 2007 - so I have changed the tense of the descriptor on the bottom of his website.

To get some idea of the zany guy we lost, follow the link above to his original site.   We are keeping it running as a memorial, though nine years later some of the outside links no longer work.    

A warning for those of a sensitive disposition   -   Corin had many talents, but I am not convinced that good taste was one of them.

As I learn more about websites, the two sites will be integrated with one service provider - that is however a little while in the future! (but getting a little closer - this is on the old provider!)